Music Video Cameos

TV & Film Appearances

American Horror Story

Season 11, Episode 11

Background Talent.

August 2022

Harlan Corben's SHELTER

Season 1, Ep TBD

Featured Talent, Non-Speaking.

August 2022

She's Gotta Have It

S1.E4 - "Dyslexia"

Role: Extra, in the art show scene.

directed by Spike Lee

February 2017


Role: Extra in the crowd during the first fight scene

directed by Ryan Coogler

September 2016

Inked Masters

S4.E4 - "Nude & Tattooed"

Role: Human Canvas for Bubba

February 2013

Alpha Girls

Role: Diner Guest

directed by Johnny Zito for South Fellini

 April 2012


Historic Savage Mills Holiday Shoot

Featured Talent, non-speaking.

January 2023

Dropp the Waste! - Dropps 2022 Commercial

Featured Speaking Talent

Order Like A Local - Pepsi x Jim's Steaks, 2021

Featured Speaking Talent. Social Media spot.

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